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About Us

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive" - Charles Darwin

Changes are inevitable, so it's our best interest to adapt to it. Topsymart was conceived, organically, several years ago as an open and honest marketplace outlet, for the people by the people. After years of researching, brainstorming and coming through in waves and hard learning curves, an abstract idea of open global marketplace took a shape of physical presence on the digital realm. It is launched in one 'new normal winter of 2021'.

Topsymart boasts a social goal of evoking the sense of inner beauty by providing everyone accesses to affordable bounty of products that not only enrich their artistic expression, but also make their home and loved ones happy and healthy. We change with times and ever morphing social and economic demand.

Our customers enjoy not only the most diverse, luxurious, post-millennium products but also with enriched quality and most affordable price.

Online Security is our top most priority. Topsymart uses top notch, cutting edge payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal for our customers to pay with utmost confidence. We never collect financial data of our customers and never promote our customers' personal information to any third party. And that’s a promise!

Customers will recognize our products to be one of the cheapest on the internet and in any brick and mortar store, without compromising its quality. For the necessary convenience of our customers Topsymart thoughtfully provides Guest checkout as well. We provide fast, safe and secured checkout experience. Unlike so called market makers in this business we do not clog our business model with collecting and tracking personal data of our customers and bargain it for financial gain in the market. We believe being simple is the most complex thing and unlike most of our competitors we tried to keep customers user experience as simple as possible. No hoops, no campaign, no tricky way to divert our customers to buy more than they want and selling their personal data. We want our customers to find their products fast and get done with it sooner than any of our competitors.

Being a Seller on Topsymart is easy and fast for businesses that put their customers  on top priority. An awesome dashboard will put all the stats and reports of the seller on a single viewport. It is a platform for both buyers and sellers, a common marketplace where our registered sellers can list their store products free of charge and sell their products at a price that can beat all the so-called giants in the markets. Our sellers are carefully vetted by our evaluation team and provide variety of products that not only mean a lot to them but to our customers too. Bulk uploading feature saves significant time for our sellers to list multiple products at once. 

Order tracking, printing shipping labels, order status change, fast product add, setting shipping costs per weight per location, assigning multiple categories to products are some of the main features for sellers.

All products are refundable on returns (please visit our return policy).

Few Key Areas of Focus:

Low price, without compromising Quality

Efficient Auto Scalable Platform for Reliability, Speed and Disaster Recovery

Blog functionality on diverse topics with periodic updates from our team 

Protection of personal data

Secured Transactions

Wide range of customer base, both in USA and Europe

Simple user experience over complex workflows

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