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Topsymart Customer Tax Policy

Typically, Topsymart only collects payment for the cost of the item plus shipping. As a result, your payment method will only be charged the order total displayed in your shopping cart upon checkout.

Other fees, such as customs, taxes, or VAT may be required for your order under the complete discretion of your local government. These fees and their related policies are neither regulated nor affiliated with Topsymart. 

Topsymart adjusts our tax policy procedures depending on the rules and regulations of each locale. You can read more about our Tax Policy here.

VAT Link:

The rules and obligations regarding VAT/GST and Sales Taxes on importation of goods from remote sellers or via e-commerce marketplace platforms vary from country to country and between the states in the U.S.

When you buy goods from a seller or merchant on our marketplace and it is shipped to your location, the goods may be subject to your local VAT/GST or sales taxes.

The amount of the applicable VAT/GST or sales taxes (if any) depends on your ship to location (e.g. country or U.S. state).

Obligation for Topsymart to collect and remit indirect taxes

As a marketplace platform, Topsymart has the obligation in some countries and U.S. states to collect VAT/GST or sales taxes on behalf of the merchants.

As of February 1, 2021, Topsymart is currently collecting VAT/GST and sales taxes in the following countries/U.S. states:

U.S. States/Territories


The following municipalities within Alaska:

Juneau, City & Borough

City of Wasilla

Kenai Peninsula Borough

City of Kenai

City of Homer

City of Seldovia

City of Soldotna

City of Seward

City and Borough of Wrangell

City of Nome

Haines Borough

City of Adak

City of Palmer

City of Cordova

City of Kodiak

City and Borough of Petersburg

City of Gustavus

City of Unalaska

City and Borough of Sitka

City of Dillingham

City and Borough of Yakutat

City of Craig

City of Tenakee Springs

City of Saint Paul

City of Mountain Village

City of Togiak

City of Toksook Bay

Ketchikan Gateway Borough

City of Thorne Bay

City of Bethel

City of Houston

City of Ketchikan

City of Saxman




Colorado (excluding Colorado home rule city sales and use tax for home rule municipalities not listed below) and the following home rule municipalities within Colorado. Additional cities will be added to the below list at a later date in compliance with the local tax laws and regulations:

City of Boulder

City of Aurora

City of Englewood

City of Denver

City of Pueblo

City of Longmont

City of Gunnison

City of Glenwood Springs

City of Fort Collins

City of Arvada

City of Colorado Springs


















New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota




Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







Washington D.C.

West Virginia



Sweden (for packages shipped through PostNord)


New Zealand

UK (see below)


Jurisdictions where Topsymart is not required to collect and remit taxes

Other than the jurisdictions listed above where Topsymart will collect and remit the VAT/GST and sales taxes as a marketplace facilitator, the merchants who make sales through the Topsymart marketplace may have an obligation to collect and remit transaction taxes based on their particular facts and circumstances.

For those jurisdictions where Topsymart is not currently required to collect indirect taxes on behalf of merchants, Topsymart offers (on a voluntary basis) merchants the ability to use the Topsymart Tax Settings and therefore allow Topsymart to collect VAT/GST or sales taxes in countries and U.S. states where Topsymart is registered. If a merchant signs up for this service, indirect taxes will be collected by Topsymart and remitted to the merchant for onward remittance to the applicable tax authority.

In cases where indirect taxes are not charged and collected on the Topsymart marketplace, the end user may be liable for indirect taxes as set forth in the Terms of Service.

UK VAT collection

From January 1, 2021, Topsymart will be responsible for collecting UK VAT on sales of goods delivered to UK consumers where goods are delivered from outside the UK with shipment value of up to and including GBP 135 or goods are shipped from the UK where the selling party is not established in the UK.

In general, if any of the two supplies take place, Topsymart will calculate and collect VAT from the consumer at checkout and remit it to the UK tax authorities.

When the consignment is shipped from outside the UK and the value of the UK end user's purchase is >GBP135, the UK end user is liable to pay any VAT and customs duties on the purchase. To facilitate delivery of the purchase, these charges have been included in the purchase price so the VAT and customs duties can be paid for on the UK end user's behalf by a freight forwarding agent designated by Topsymart or the merchant. When a UK end user purchases an item, they agree to the freight forwarding agent acting on their behalf. 

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